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Lizz Blogs: Books that Changed Me

I am always intrigued with the idea of books that CHANGE how you think. I was fortunate enough to experience a few of these reads as a child. Fiction stories that not only changed what I thought, but also, I like to think, changed who I became. Now as an adult these books have shifted to more non-fiction, but I still am charged and empowered by a book that makes me think and then CHANGES me.
I’m not talking about books I love. There are plenty of those from childhood including titles like The Little Princess, Secret Garden, Blueberry, Sky Running, and The Blue Fairy Book. These are titles I read again and again. Although I loved their stories, I don’t think they actually changed me. No these books are: 
Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery is still a favorite as an adult. I got a first edition for my 18thbirthday and I cried. I think I cried because it meant I was heard, my parents, who gifted me the book, knew me, knew how important the story was to me. I became Anne as a child. Ma…

Shawna Blogs: I'm A Book Buying Addict

Whether it’s a big box brick-and-mortar store, Amazon, small shop, or Goodwill - I am addicted to the search and hunt and PURCHASING of books! 

Today I found myself at Barnes and Noble, because they were having a 30% off sale plus my membership discount, I mean, what choice did I have? I HAD to see what the deals were! I went in, optimistically thinking I may purchase 2 or 3 books. Not sure why I try and tell myself lies, because I know FULL well I’m going to be leaving with an armload of books!

I began my hunt with the children's area to add to the kids' library. I came across Creepy Pair of Underwear and Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds and they were a HIT! I’ve already read and re-read them multiple times. The stories are clever and cute and the bunny’s name is Jasper, which is my son's name, so he was excited about that.

I also got What Do You Do With an Idea?, What Do You Do With a Chance?, and What Do You Do With a Problem? by Kobi Yamada. These books are very thoughtfu…

Lizz Blogs: I Love Bookish Spoilers, said no one ever

Hey Shawna, I loved your blog last week about how you choose your next book. It made me honestly laugh out loud as I could picture you looking through your bookshelves debating which one was THE one. It also got me thinking, how do I choose my next book?
I’d love to say that I put all this time and care into choosing the next world that I’m going to step into, but honestly, I’m over here just winging it (book choosing, eyeliner, life). 
Generally speaking, I like to choose a book I most want to avoid spoilers for. When I was working at the library I got to have amazing bookish conversations all the time. They varied from little kids telling me about their new favorite book in the Magic Tree House series to teenagers sharing an amazing YA Fantasy book they found (knowing that I would love it, I’m genre obsessed). 
In the world of bookish friends, I feel like “reveal no spoilers” should be a sacred rule.