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How I Pick My Next Book: A peek into my amusing, erratic, chaotic OVER thinking process

I’m an overthinker. Many times I am overthinking so much that I end up doing nothing, which leads to ultimate unproductivity. This problem can also apply to my choosing the next book to read. THERE ARE SO MANY AMAZING BOOKS. How on earth can I choose ONE? I want to read 100 books in one day and even then I wouldn’t come close checking off all the books on my TBR (to be read) list. I know what I have on my shelves, or the library books I have in my basket that sits next to the fireplace bulging from the maxed amount of checked out books. I know which book I REALLY want to read, but then think maybe I should read something else. A different genre perhaps. I’ve already read 4 WWII books in a row, so maybe I should pick a light romance? My soul is wanting to continue reading my WWII books though. Elie Weisel’s, “Night” is starring at me. “Life in a Jar” by Jack Mayer is calling my name.

2019 Reading Goals

Every year I sit down and decide what my reading goals will be. This used to simply include a number - what is the NUMBER of books I want to read.

It was simple, this year I'm reading 40 books ... or 70 books ... or 100 books.

When I first started blogging I issued a challenge to myself and my readers, a Book Bingo where each square was a different challenge. Although many people participated, I didn't enjoy it. I chose what when in to every square ... but I didn't want to read those books.

A few years ago I stopped Book Bingo and just read. I read the books I wanted to read. The books I liked. I read twelve versions of Beauty and the Beast (this might be an exaggeration, but it was SO many) and read so many fantasy dystopian YA novels they all blended together.